Design Methodology

Technology Plus generally operates with a three phased approach that complements the GMGC or design build processes.

  1. Requirements and Recommendations
  2. Options Development
  3. Design, Implementation and Project Management

Requirements and Recommendations

Comprehensive recommendations cannot be made without an effective needs analysis. This phase is focused on establishing the baseline requirement and understanding any unique characteristics that may be required by a specific department or division. A requirements analysis is performed through information gathering. This is achieved through a combination of questionnaires, personal interviews and review of existing technology solutions. This information is compared with the operational objectives of the organization and recommendations are made to enhance the results of communication technology in their achievement.

Options Development

The development of options for the client are often constrained by financial, physical and technological objectives. It is the mission of Technology Plus to provide the best and most comprehensive options available to meet the desired operational objectives. The recommended options are clearly delineated with respect to cost, advantages and disadvantages, allowing the client to make an informed decision.

Design, Implementation and Project Management

Upon selection of the preferred option, Technology Plus is instrumental in the development of comprehensive design documents and specifications using Division 17 guidelines to assure thorough, easy to understand and coordinated construction documents. A migration plan is essential to the successful implementation of any new technology. All aspects of the migration plan are considered including budget, staffing, training, implementation contingencies, as well as minimizing the disruption to the existing work environment. The result is implementation in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

What We Deliver

Technology Plus provides a clear and concise report at each stage in the process. The reports are written in non-technical terms, but supported by the technical specifications. This enables the personnel responsible to make effective decisions based on the information provided and not be confused by technical jargon or futuristic predictions. Technology Plus is here to provide the planning, advise and management to all your voice, data and video requirements.

Technology Plus, Incorporated utilizes Division 17 to assure all planning, design and construction documentation:

  • Is easy to understand
  • Provides systems flexibility and redundancy
  • Allows efficient migration to future technologies and systems expansions

Technology Plus, Incorporated is committed to helping our clients prepare for today's communications technology requirements and tomorrows changing technology.